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The Quest for the Sanitary Pad

Dark and Stormy Nights are Banned Here

You all know that feeling of being in a classroom, being on your period and needing a pad, right? And you all know what you do in that situation too. You start whispering to the girl closest to you and she gives you a sympathetic look and starts whispering to the next girl and this goes on until the whispering chain reaches a girl who has a spare pad.

Then you stroll casually, nothing to see here, until you get to her and she tells you what kind of pad she has and asks if that’s okay. You tell her that of course it’s okay, you just need a pad, any pad. So then you shift a bit to the left and she shifts a bit to the right so her bag is covered. She reaches in and pulls out the pad, and gives it to you concealed under a…

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I don’t think Awards matter

Rotaract is one of the best things to have happened to me. I met many people, did projects that I could’ve never done. At the end of a Rotaract year, there is an award ceremony called AARAs for many different categories.
We got nominated for many and won two.
We were all happy and jumping with joy.
Many other clubs weren’t AS happy.

But I think the AARAs don’t matter. I think our entire year together matters. The friends we made, the fights we had. The things we learnt and the projects that were successful. The losses we faced and the projects that got cancelled.
We came for gbms because we liked meeting each other, we liked the discussions we had, we liked sharing our thoughts, projects and initiatives.
We did projects because we believed in them, we had fun doing them and we learnt so many things. Above all, we got to spend time with each other.
Throughout the year we either didn’t know about AARAs or didn’t really care about them. But we did the projects and gbms despite all that. We had fun doing what we did, and AARAs are an added bonus. I think the point is the year. I think the point is all of us and what we do. And I think that’s what matters. AARAs can be the added bonus, instead of our goal. Our goal should be us, our ideas and beliefs, and doing projects because we believe in the concepts or merely want to have fun.

Just an opinion.

One thing striked off my Bucket List!

Watch “No Elf, No Hobbit” on YouTube

No Elf, No Hobbit:

Watch “Fandoms and Resurrection” on YouTube

Fandoms and Resurrection:

My eyes

You say my eyes were running. You say I kept talking and joking.

But you don’t get it. They were running so they didn’t have to stop on you. Because if they did, they’d stop for ever. I kept talking because if I stopped talking, my mind would turn to thoughts of you. So I kept them busy.

I knew where you stood, just beside the blinding light, leaning against the railing. How could I not know? And so my eyes just skipped the place you occupied; they skimmed right past.

But they didn’t listen, the idiots. I thought I was safe as they just about went past you. But no. They came right back, focusing on you, standing there silent. And everything went silent. My eyes ran no more. My mouth spoke no more. Neither did the people surrounding us. It was like a drape of silence had descended upon us. Encased us.

And as that second stretched into eternity, so did my tiny smile and heart.

A Tribute

And you thought you needn’t read anything to understand pride and prejudice..

The Cheering Charm

pride and prejudice

It is a truth universally acknowledged that any piece of writing containing the words ‘It is a truth universally acknowledged’ must be connected to Pride and Prejudice. However little known the feelings or views of my reader this truth is so well fixed in my mind that I am foregoing any other explanation or introduction to the topic of this post.

When my mother first tried to induce me to read the tale of Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy, I was far too young for it. I do not remember exactly what age I was but I do remember that I could not connect Lizzy and Elizabeth and so assumed that Mr and Mrs Bennet had a grand total of six daughters, not five. I was also young enough to have only vague notions of romance and have no idea of how those six daughters came into being. Most importantly…

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If Humans Didn’t Have Knees: Part 3

We will next be recording the statement of our Tropic Youth Games sports coach, Mr. Billy Moore.

We meet coach near the Helipad of the Sports Stadium where a stream of his athletes is descending, punctual to their coaching time. With the Tropic Youth Games just around the corner, coach quickly sends the athletes off to their warm up practices, and having engaged them, spares us some time.

‘Sports are an important part of every individual’, says coach, ‘and every child should have that opportunity. Our body is an important instrument, and we should keep it top-shape at all times. People now are so lazy, what with technology and modernization. It was never like that before, when the games were founded. Back then, people relied on their bodies and their physical capabilities the most. Being knee-less, hopping everywhere was sufficient exercise for our ancestors. Apart from that, they embraced their knee-less existence and formed the Tropic games! It was a great way to bring society together, have fun and love our body as it was. Today, I have to keep telling children about the importance of sports. I have to make sure I keep making up new games and workout routines to keep them engaged.’

What sort of workout routines and regimens do you use, we asked coach.

‘There are many aspects of the Tropic Youth Games’, he explained. ‘Athletics is an individual event which includes two fields. The upper body is one field while the lower body is the other. Upper body events challenge the strength of the athlete’s arms through throwing games like Hammer Throw, Shot Put, Javelin, and the likes. For them, I usually concentrate on muscle building and weights. The lower body events have short sprint events like 100mts Hop, 200mts Hop and longer runs like 1500mts Hop. With them, we work on endurance, speed, and reaction speed. These are the traditional games. Now we have Pogo Stick sprints, Leap Ball dashes, and the kinds. Athletics is in itself vast. Other sports and games are team efforts. For example, swimming. Now, synchronized butterfly swimming is a beautiful team sport! It needs arm strength as well as leg strength. It develops the entire body perfectly and instils team spirit. A more modern version is Synchronized Jetting. The athlete jetters make beautiful patters in the sky by adding various coloured smoke to the jet boots. Now that’s a spectacle! Ice skating, skate boarding and roller-skating are also quite famous in their individual and team forms. My personal favourite however, is gymnastics. I love how the athlete is shot out of a chute and has to make the perfect twirls in the sky. When we were younger, we used trampolines as nothing but toys. But gymnastics transformed it into a sport.’

There are also extreme sports where you are shot out of a chute, have to somersault in the air, land on a trampoline, hold trapeze bars and dive straight into a pool! Dangerous stuff, of course, but there you are. I personally would prefer being on the ground, and hence coach athletics. As if Athletic Iron Man- a combination of 100mt Hop Dash, pogo stick hopping, and butterfly swimming wasn’t difficult enough.’

After hearing about all this, we are sure astonished by the variants of sports we have to look forward to in the coming Tropic Youth Games!

Our next bit of recording will be with Jane Brooke and Yasmin Ahmed, representatives of Knicourse, the fashion brand who is also sponsoring the Tropic Youth Games and the athletes’ outfits.

What is Consideration?

Sweepers sweep, but how many of you actually even know their faces? Ghanta gaadis roll around the corner, and you cringe and pinch your nose. Maybe even spray a deo or perfume on yourself. Ever wondered how those guys manage? You badmouth Rickshaw-wallas. What about those rickshaw-wallas who do take you where you want, that too pretty quickly and without losing patience in all that traffic? Consider. They’re doing you a favour, you aren’t.

Maybe this story will help you realize how much of a favour they are doing unto you.

Once upon a modern time, in a very metropolitan city was a middle-aged man. He had a well to-do business, a satisfactorily happy family, and a passion for running Marathons. He even travelled places for experiencing the marathons conducted there, with a larger running population. His family supported him completely. Once such Marathon he experienced was in a city in the neighbouring province. Now this particular Marathon was very well known through out the land, for it’s perfect organization, challenging route and considerate provisions. But most of all, this Marathon was renowned for it’s provision for the safety for the runners.

A long run, 42 kms, to be precise, was a long time to think as you ran, to observe and to learn. Our man started his run. At the front of his mind was the fact that this particular marathon was well-known for their safety measures. What made it so, he wondered. And he noticed these measures, throughout the expanse of the run. Men in uniforms standing straight and attentive, standing on both sides of the path the runners ran. Tirelessly and without complaint, these soldiers stood, loyal to their duty of protecting. In the wake of this humbling site, ran our man. He decided that he couldn’t stop, or be tired. He just wouldn’t allow himself to feel fatigue or hopelessness, when vigilant men like these loomed around him, for him. The soldiers had no reason to be there, except that they were. They were carrying out their duty, and were considerate enough to go a step further and cheer the runners. They didn’t have to do that either, thought our man. And in their sight and humbling sight, our man ran. He ran relentlessly and effortlessly. He ran as tirelessly as they stood.

He ran because the faster he ran, the faster he completed. The faster completed, the lesser time they would have to stand. They were going through a lot of trouble already, standing there for them. He could go through a little more trouble if it decreased their trouble. And on that day, our man beat his own personal record. He ran the fastest he had ever run. And he run without tiring or having any physical controversies. Nothing but a good feeling that bloomed in his chest.

He was considerate. I try to be. On a personal level, I say thanks to all rickshaw-wallas for dropping me to my venue, safe and without complaint. And without fail, I get a welcome in return with a little smile on their face just because of two words of acknowledgement. Who have you been considerate to today?


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