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A nine year old boy

Crouching behind the wall,

Lifted his little heels

And peeked at the three.


A few feet away

Was a dingy creaky garden

With rusted slides and swings

And three girls between them all.

With dirt-smeared cheeks

And ragged torn frocks,

They played in that creepy place-

All smiles and laughter.


Hiding behind the boulders

Of the wall near the girls,

The boy longed for the freedom

That the girls had preserved.

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Folks In Rain

The world has gone so dark

The tubelight seems so bright

The window is so blurred and hazy

It obscures my eyesight.

So I push it out of way

And the WIND comes rushing in

And not far and not long

Are all his folks and kin.

FIRE shows his presence

And flashes across the sky;

EARTH sends her fragrance

As fast as it can fly;

Never to lag behind

Is WATER at her best

She showers drops on your face

To prove she’s better than the rest.

Your heart lifts and soars,

Loud aloud it sings

You smile because you realize-

It’s raining!

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Two sides to the same coin…

Some things just come slowly and soak into you… some hit you like a storm and make an impact… and some just are so silent that you have to pause and listen.

This one hit me silently and astonished me with my own thoughts. Its just incredible how the simplest things can be so profound. This is what kept playing in my head- like an old radio playing a favorite song over and over again. And then it stays in your mind, never leaving… playing again and again and again…

I thought:

It’s amazing how little things can make you feel happy and how little you need to be satisfied and comfortable.

First was in a village where we go for our CAS where I saw the house of a mad old lady which was nothing but a shack which was overcrowded even with the few things she had. And then I saw the woman- bubbly and smiling, going about unhindered by her 90yr old body and driven by her lively spirit. The people of her village might call her mad but I wonder, if she was one person who had really attained Nirvana- the state of satisfied bliss and fulfillment. Mad indeed, while brimming with bliss.

It didn’t take a lot for her to live; as we probably don’t need much either. I mean, I could probably be happy with nothing but a notebook, a pen, my camera and trekking shoes. Food, shelter and water would be found in nature without much difficulty. Then again, I’m probably the most happy in the forests…

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To See A Play

The best and worst part of going to see a play- especially one which is VERY famous and is a mega-event! – is the run and rush to catch the best seats. Once you have settled down you get up again because you see much better seats right there. Oh no! All 15 of us won’t be able to sit there together! So you relocate again. Then once you are satisfied with the hustle- bustle of seats, position of the people (you see, a person with a large head, a lady with a bonnet or a woman with a child won’t do in front of you.) and the sight of the stage, you start looking at the chaos that the other people are making. Sigh! We were so lucky we got such good seats. Look at those other people struggle for seats! Ha-ha! You quite forget how much you yourself had struggled.

Then you check if you brought enough to hog on during the play. Good! You have enough to give the others too. Now where is the shawl? It’s an open air play so it was bound to get cool further on. You ma’am! Can you settle down please? I cannot see the stage due to your large head. Thank you. Hey look, there is Rohit! I didn’t know he had a taste for stage plays. Is that his girlfriend? Or is she his wife? Hmmm…

Is that the stage? C’mon! I could make a better one! Are those trees that they have painted? Is there a real curve to that wall or is it painted that way? It looks so artificial. Huh! A person comes on stage. Is that the costume? It looks so real! Of course, it IS real. Thank god we don’t have those kinds of dresses now! They must be so uncomfortable. Did they really wear so much gold then? How did their hands not just fall off? A voice booms in the ground. Welcome to the play… At last! The play has commenced! Is that how long they usually make the audience wait?

Then the lights go on. Actors come on stage. The act starts. You forget all the misgivings you had been giving to the playing-troop. And whoosh! You are transported to a completely different world- An ancient world of nobility and chivalry. You are completely awed and only one thought passes your mind- How could this have really happened? It seemed like another world, a different galaxy. Times, people, world and ways have changed so much! You are living the characters with the actors. The scenes unfold, the dialogues are told. You don’t move; not even to gobble the chips you have in hand. Your eyes just don’t want to blink. Your mind doesn’t want to miss even one word said just in case you don’t comprehend the story. One word could make a difference! Not one noise in the entire ground; everyone is entirely engrossed. Even if one person makes the mistake of standing up or moving- he is shoved down his seat again by the jubilant crowds. Every marvelous speech delivery gets applauded but you don’t applaud- you don’t want to waste time! You want to watch the next scene. Every minute detail is registered in the mind. You don’t want to miss anything. You are enjoying completely. You have lost yourself in the act. You are absolutely relishing the moments, the dialogues, the dances and the actors. You are living the life you never knew had ever existed.

The light goes off; the play is over. Everyone gets up to give a standing ovation to the outstanding play. But you don’t get up. Inertia; you are still in a daze. The play was over? Was it a play? No! It was perfection! Then it registers that you are the only one not applauding. You stand and reluctantly start clapping. You liked the play (of course), you loved it, but you just don’t want it to finish as yet. How could it get over already? Clapping meant that you were acknowledging that the play was over. Then you suddenly start clapping hard, with all your heart and soul, with all your energy. You are really grateful to the staff for making such a heavenly play!

People start getting out of the theatre. There is a complete traffic as all the people who had come to the play remove their cars- trying to be the first people to get out of the place (I have always wondered what would have happened if they weren’t the first… Would they have died? Gosh!). You make your way through and between the other cars and play ‘I Spy’ with the other people you had come with (Let’s see who sees my car first!). Ah! There it is! Everyone mounted the car and the car starts. The AC goes on. The radio starts its ceaseless banter. There is no sound from the children. The poor excited and exhausted dears are long asleep! When everyone is settled and the car is going on a consistent pace, everyone starts talking about the part they liked the most.

You smile.

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Expressions Of Joy

The newly wed bride- the moon is shy.

She smiled a smile and heaved a sigh.

Further on, she emboldened a bit,

and lifted the veil to show her lips.

Her smile was bright like the light of day

but she was yet to reveal her harmless ray.

Grinning now, she admonished her veil,

Smiled a smile and felt the feel.

Esctasy and joy escaped her lips,

the veil was raised a little bit.

Slush and flush, her skin was glowing,

Her excitement though kept on growing!

Through the net her eyes twinkled,

the stars around smiled and giggled.

The veil was thrown- she was a full moon,

To greet the night- her silent groom.

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From Spring To Autumn

He was in the spring of his life, where life was all about extremities. At this age, people either murmured or yelled- never balanced, never stable. But Jonathan was different. He had sprung out of the womb, leaping and lunging, to have his say everywhere he went, with whomever he met. His quiet demeanor suggested conservation but is eyes screamed with wisdom. People envied him for they knew that if they gained power, they would be feared but not loved; but here was a born leader- who was loved and respected. At the tender age of sixteen, Jonathan had a monumentous task to undertake, a title to bear and expectations to meet. Many were of the opinion that Jonathan was too young. None, however, said that he was unfit or undeserving. Despite all the objections, a unanimous decision had been taken. Jonathan was going to leave the Spring too early and proceed over to Autumn too fast. In a few hours, Jonathan was going to be King Jonathan.

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The Shutterbugs

It’s just a black thing in our hand- a senseless object with no brain or feelings whatsoever. But we depend on it a lot and prize it like nothing else. We could be sweet as honey or bitter as beer but if anyone harmed our ‘dear possession’, we could shed our genuine personality and become worse than any kind of demon. There are too many of us all around this world and we all share one thing in common- our ‘dear possession’. It is what passes our time when we have nothing but nothing to do; it makes us legendary when we had been invisible; it is what comforts us when we face insecurity; it is what makes us complete. Believe or not, it’s our camera.

There are three kinds of us, The Shutterbugs. Some click whatever they see, some click when they see something beautiful and some make things to be clicked. As any Shutterbug would say, we pour our heart into what we do… who doesn’t, you would say, but ours is one of the few works that have a physical form that is a proof to our effort- our photographs. We can make mistakes too, but each and every photograph is a piece of art, for each photograph can be considered fantastic- it depends on the eyes of the viewer. Every photograph depicts a scene, captures moments, tells stories and says volumes. We, of course, take the photographs with something in mind but the fun starts when the people try to understand your photograph, and what must be happening in it.

Sometimes the scene is actually so simple that it gets fascinating to watch people decipher highly complex or philosophical meanings out of it. It just gives you an insight into how people’s minds work. People just tend to think that art pieces have some higher meaning or a hidden message that the artist is trying to convey even if the artist himself says that it is nothing. For what is it but a mere captivation of a moment, that occurred in nature at a moment that has passed away long back. But maybe that is what makes this art so special for people subconsciously realize that the moment becomes immortal as soon the camera captures it while it would have been lost in the sands of time if not for the photographer. The viewer involuntarily realizes that the moment is one that which would never occur exactly, as hard as nature or humanity conspired for it to happen.

Sometimes even we don’t realize the philosophy that is related to our art. But it is through the viewers of our work that we realize how much our photographs mean to the mankind. It shows that we are not an anonymous group of nobodies, toiling away till eternity for no benefits to anyone. In other words, we realize how much we mean to the society…