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The Shutterbugs

It’s just a black thing in our hand- a senseless object with no brain or feelings whatsoever. But we depend on it a lot and prize it like nothing else. We could be sweet as honey or bitter as beer but if anyone harmed our ‘dear possession’, we could shed our genuine personality and become worse than any kind of demon. There are too many of us all around this world and we all share one thing in common- our ‘dear possession’. It is what passes our time when we have nothing but nothing to do; it makes us legendary when we had been invisible; it is what comforts us when we face insecurity; it is what makes us complete. Believe or not, it’s our camera.

There are three kinds of us, The Shutterbugs. Some click whatever they see, some click when they see something beautiful and some make things to be clicked. As any Shutterbug would say, we pour our heart into what we do… who doesn’t, you would say, but ours is one of the few works that have a physical form that is a proof to our effort- our photographs. We can make mistakes too, but each and every photograph is a piece of art, for each photograph can be considered fantastic- it depends on the eyes of the viewer. Every photograph depicts a scene, captures moments, tells stories and says volumes. We, of course, take the photographs with something in mind but the fun starts when the people try to understand your photograph, and what must be happening in it.

Sometimes the scene is actually so simple that it gets fascinating to watch people decipher highly complex or philosophical meanings out of it. It just gives you an insight into how people’s minds work. People just tend to think that art pieces have some higher meaning or a hidden message that the artist is trying to convey even if the artist himself says that it is nothing. For what is it but a mere captivation of a moment, that occurred in nature at a moment that has passed away long back. But maybe that is what makes this art so special for people subconsciously realize that the moment becomes immortal as soon the camera captures it while it would have been lost in the sands of time if not for the photographer. The viewer involuntarily realizes that the moment is one that which would never occur exactly, as hard as nature or humanity conspired for it to happen.

Sometimes even we don’t realize the philosophy that is related to our art. But it is through the viewers of our work that we realize how much our photographs mean to the mankind. It shows that we are not an anonymous group of nobodies, toiling away till eternity for no benefits to anyone. In other words, we realize how much we mean to the society…



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9 thoughts on “The Shutterbugs

  1. a good post on photography. Photography is really one such thing where the artist really confuses us through his photographic skills


  2. Good piece of writing! 🙂
    Photography is about capturing the moment, right?
    But we often find ourselves fiddling with the moment to make it worth capturing…
    Is that photography?
    What do you think?


    1. most important aspect of photography is the “viewfinder”…and its not the one in the camera that i’m talking about…its the one in the photographer 🙂


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