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From Spring To Autumn

He was in the spring of his life, where life was all about extremities. At this age, people either murmured or yelled- never balanced, never stable. But Jonathan was different. He had sprung out of the womb, leaping and lunging, to have his say everywhere he went, with whomever he met. His quiet demeanor suggested conservation but is eyes screamed with wisdom. People envied him for they knew that if they gained power, they would be feared but not loved; but here was a born leader- who was loved and respected. At the tender age of sixteen, Jonathan had a monumentous task to undertake, a title to bear and expectations to meet. Many were of the opinion that Jonathan was too young. None, however, said that he was unfit or undeserving. Despite all the objections, a unanimous decision had been taken. Jonathan was going to leave the Spring too early and proceed over to Autumn too fast. In a few hours, Jonathan was going to be King Jonathan.



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4 thoughts on “From Spring To Autumn

  1. reminded me of my all time favorite book by Richard Bach – “Jonathan Livingston Seagull”…its just as awe-inspiring now as it was back then…try it if you haven’t read it yet


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