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Folks In Rain

The world has gone so dark

The tubelight seems so bright

The window is so blurred and hazy

It obscures my eyesight.

So I push it out of way

And the WIND comes rushing in

And not far and not long

Are all his folks and kin.

FIRE shows his presence

And flashes across the sky;

EARTH sends her fragrance

As fast as it can fly;

Never to lag behind

Is WATER at her best

She showers drops on your face

To prove she’s better than the rest.

Your heart lifts and soars,

Loud aloud it sings

You smile because you realize-

It’s raining!



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4 thoughts on “Folks In Rain

  1. it does make it better – to me at least – i am more of a “classical” poetry person than a “contemporary” -so to me the word “tubelight” was more out of place than the elements – but that’s just me – it does not reflect on your style – to me every thing that god has made is “perfect” and incorporates all elements in some manner or the other – good attempt


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