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A nine year old boy

Crouching behind the wall,

Lifted his little heels

And peeked at the three.


A few feet away

Was a dingy creaky garden

With rusted slides and swings

And three girls between them all.

With dirt-smeared cheeks

And ragged torn frocks,

They played in that creepy place-

All smiles and laughter.


Hiding behind the boulders

Of the wall near the girls,

The boy longed for the freedom

That the girls had preserved.



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3 thoughts on “Longing

  1. It is not always the privileged that have everything; they can have all material possessions and yet feel hopeless.
    And then there are the simple people who know exactly how to extract the joy out of every simple thing in life.
    Because they don’t know the bondage of ‘all-of-that’.


  2. its an allegory to seek happiness in so called “lesser” things…however just a “9-year old boy” standing behind the boulder somehow does not strike a chord…usually that’s a beautiful age to enjoy freedom while not understanding it even…could be a prince maybe ?


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