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Paces Of Life

Multi lingual, multi religious,

With a million gods to follow,

Where every day is a new day

With no time to dwell on sorrow.

A billion people with a trillion fests

With values and chivalry at their best,

Paces of life rise and fall;

So being Indian is the best of all.



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2 thoughts on “Paces Of Life

  1. I have met people who have lived in another country for their entire lives and still love their original country- if I may be allowed to say ‘original’- and some people who are the exact opposites… To tell the truth, I don’t know how they manage to hate their own country…
    I love my India and will continue to do so…


  2. “motherland” is for all who ever loved their mother and are forever indebted to her love and nurturing care…i love India…in the same breath respect everyone else’s mothers…our context for “mother” should be broader…for the 7 billion people there is but one mother – Mother Earth!


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