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Thank You

You told me to close my eyes and try to connect to my soul. And from my soul to other souls. So I did what you said. I saw a yellow light, small and unwavering. You also told me it takes time and that I have to take steps, small steps. So I took them, driven only by faith in your words.
I walked and walked with my steps small and unwavering too. But neither of them would remain small forever. I had to reach there; sometime. And like you said, it took time. But the light became bigger and started to take shape just like my steps became bigger and hope started to take shape. And abruptly I stopped as I saw the light taking another shape. So the light took your shape, as did my hope.
I remembered that you had told me to forgive myself and ask for forgiveness from others, other souls. But before I could do so I had to tell you something I couldn’t tell you when you had been physically present before me. But this state of consciousness did not support words I think, for I couldn’t say it out loud. And then you smiled and I knew.
‘My thank you’ had been conveyed.
I knelt down so I could proceed with what I had to do next. But the light started to dim. I panicked and tried to hold on even fiercely but it simply slipped away leaving just remnants of this state in my conscience. I still was trying to connect to other souls, like you had said. But then a dark blue silence descended upon me.
I sighed. I smiled. I opened my eyes. And I whispered ‘thank you’ once more.



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4 thoughts on “Thank You

    1. Dear Vedanti,
      You know am always there for you, you just need to reach out. Continue the process till you feel light. 🙂
      Prem & Om,
      Swamini Ujjwalananda


      1. Dear Swamini Amma,
        (my dear Kirti Didi),
        I really hope to see you soon. I miss you.
        I have triumphed over that particular obstacle. Unfortunately, they never stop coming. I am somehow managing on my own but I don’t know if that’s enough.
        Love you,


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