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Clad Simply

Clad simply but with a leather weight hanging from my shoulder, I shuffled in the darkness along a path I could barely see. My cloth bag was lighter than yours so I exchanged bags with you. And I shuffled along, with my gaze stuck to the ground accompanying both of you. Dim lights shed a few rays on the stone route and I could make out your silhouettes.

It should have been a silent, scary night but it was far from that. The surroundings were so silent that even a whisper could waft through the vacuum. But your conversation was voluble, lively and jovial. I couldn’t help but smile. I walked silently, just listening to your chatter; speaking little, infusing some of my opinions with yours. Slightly intimidated, I was hesitant to speak up, but the both of you together soon put my fears aside. So my shuffle transformed into a steady gait to catch up with yours. Soon my voice was a third in the conversation. Not as much as the both of you but confident enough to speak up a little. I even laughed a little.

Walking like this with you, I soon saw the path differently. Lights were approaching. Actually, we were approaching it. And then a drifting waft of coffee tantalized my nose. So we had some coffee at the building and after waiting with you for a while, I smiled and went with people of my own age; from a magical world to a quite different world of a young teenager.



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