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A White Board

A white board, glinting because of the light above it, had scribbles in all the possible colors. Words, encouraging words, were written on it. Well, encouraging for the person who had written it. For me they were pure blackmail. Words declaring that her parents wanted to see her studying hard, that they had high hopes and that they would want to see her successful. Words that were either expressed by her parents or words that were put up to convince herself of her ‘purpose’; her purpose of being her.

I’ve never understood why somebody must be emotionally manipulated into doing something, whereas they would do it themselves if they were internally motivated. If they wanted to do it themselves, they will. They don’t want to do it you say? Then let them not do it. Who are they living for? You or themselves? There is a difference between showing a path to someone and shoving them down that path… Know when you are crossing the line… Or you won’t help the person, you will ruin their life…



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