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Her Story

Nobody knows how many such stories happen all over the world but everyone knows that they do happen. And everyone knows that there are only a few endings to these stories. Everyone experiences them in their life at some point of time.

And yet everyone says that their story is different. So I don’t know if this story is the same or different. The one who is experiencing it right now herself doesn’t know. But it is a story, and people usually like to tell stories so I retell her story in her own words-

I was brought up for seven years as a single child; till one day one special soul decided to join me in my home- my sister. She is not my soul sister; that would become a very common collocation. She is a mini avatar of myself, living my life-just more happily. She is like a part of me. My body can’t function without her; my heart can’t beat without her; and my mind can’t work without her. Oh, we do fight like normal siblings. But all my decisions, everything I do is with her in mind.

Even this decision is for her. I know- we are both suffering because of this distance; it maims us both; we both pine for each other; shed silent tears for want of each other. But somehow, it made sense to come here. Because I don’t want my parents to make the same mistakes they made with my upbringing. I want them to concentrate on her and make her better than they made me. And for that I have to be out of picture. So I am here, and I love this place and the people. And my parents did seem to carry out what I had intended to happen. Until…

Until I finally decided to be a little selfish and make a decision for my own happiness. I broached the topic of changing from Science to Arts- from what I could do to what I wanted to do.

And hell broke loose. Fights, tears, arguments, manipulation techniques, pent up frustrations and hidden expectations were ugly actions from both the warring sides. And even one wrong action from my side, one wrong decision, could ruin the peace of my home and in turn, affect my sister and her future life.

So I am still stuck, should I be selfish and do what I want or should I do what is best for my sister?

I have no words for it is not my question to answer but I pity the state of this poor girl, this friend of mine. I don’t exactly know what she is going through, but I can imagine…

And I am sorry for her… 



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One thought on “Her Story

  1. Life is a cycle, my dear every one has to ride it and one is better then the other, its very often that the onus of being a role model comes to the elder one as she was born first and has to lead the path. At times it is frustrating, but a wrong role model can ruin many lives but a good one knows how to make the best of himself/herself even with odd situations. Take life the way it comes and you will find the struggle much easier to cope up with. You can advice this to this lovely little girl who is in a state of dilema.


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