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Tears were rolling down my eyes- flooding my lap and staining my clothes. They were dark black tears, toxic with pain and frustration. But nobody could see them, for they were cloaked under the shadows of my veil that I tried hard to keep.

But how long could I go on? So I saw that you were here; just a touch away. And I suddenly knew what I needed- you. I can’t remember how many times this had happened before, I reckon never. But now I needed you. So I reached out and you caught me, reaching out through the glass films separating us. I could feel you then, hear you. And your heavy and wondrous voice filled me, making more sense than my own voice could ever make. And I listened with utmost care, holding on to every word- every word healing every tear.

Your laughter was taking effect. It transported me into a realm where I couldn’t feel the pain; though it didn’t leave me. The black of my tears was lightening. It became grey now. Your laugh was just so powerful, so enchanting and tempting that I couldn’t hold back, I couldn’t resist. So I just gave in and laughed; my laughter infused with yours. And it was then that the most marvelous magic transpired. My tears turned colorless and lost their toxicity. They were clean of the poison and sparkled, as they basked in the adoration we felt for each other.



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