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The Same As Me

Twirling the graphite pencil between my fingers, I stopped scrutinizing the photograph in
front of me. I was waiting to read the words that you would write to me in reply to what I
wrote to you. I knew you were taking your own sweet time, soaking in the meaning of the
letters in front of your eyes; trying to make sense of all the puns my language revealed. So I
waited for you to give me an appropriate reply but I was soon going to lose my patience. I
could feel that point edging closer. And then you replied, exactly when I was going to place
my fingers on the keyboard.
And I smiled.
And frowned.
And giggled.
And glowered.
And blushed.
And sulked.
And smiled again.
All those expressions within two hours of chatting with you, because of you. You promised
to keep me company throughout the night and I was happy with the thought itself. Until,
fate conspired against us keeping company to each other the entire night; the net connection
faced some problems and disconnected- disconnecting my connection with you, my life line
for the night.
After a few moments of shock, I sighed. Then I looked back at the words we had shared and
I smiled; and I bet you did the same…



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