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You, Me, Stars and Heavens…

I noticed them, first against the dark background-despite being engaged in a conversation with you. I just stopped and stood there, craning my head up to see how farther they stretched. You took a few steps ahead, still in the momentum of our pace and words, and ten noticed that I was not beside you. Startled, you turned to find me stationary- royally staring at the sky. You came behind to join me and I looked at you and smiled. You smiled back and we both lifted out gaze to look at the stars again, spread against the vast expanse of velvet, that was the sky.
And suddenly the lights in the human realm went off, making the divine lights prominent as we plunged into the darkness. Startled, scared and awed, I grabbed you hand. And you comfortably took my fingers in yours, holding them and pressing them gently. That small gesture of reassurance was more than enough a reason for my fear to flee, but I didn’t let go- couldn’t let go. I felt safe and happy just standing with you and gazing at the heavens. I do not know if you looked at me when you steadied my trembling fingers but I do know that your presence did not make me conscious or ashamed of my fascination of the night and starts.
The linked fingers, comfortable presence, lifted gaze and throbbing hearts- all enveloped in the magic of our love, the night and the stars.
A perfect moment; with our two souls as witnesses to our love. The twinkling stars twinkled away to eternity made this moment forever eternal.
The lights on earth came back on and we released our fingers, becoming conscious as the magic was lost. I was a little disappointed that we were back into the reality; I could’ve lived in that moment forever. But then I looked at you and into the depth of your eyes and realized that the magic lived in my heart and mind; in you and in me.



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