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I opened my eyes expecting to come out of a black state of trauma and into a better lit world. Unfortuantely, I was only welcomed into a world lit by misery. Nothing I did could distract me from concentrating upon the brooding thoughts that circled within the walls of my head, trying to make me dizzy.
I was dizzy, dazed, doped and defected by the toxic drug that throbbed in my veins, originating from the well of my dull thoughts. I needed a relief from this vulgar well and being. But I couldn’t free myself from the abundant misery.
They say that one small flame can drive away darkness.
I was looking for that one flame that could drive away my darkness; until I chanced upon a lake of smiles and serenity- you. That one smile that you gave me- which was meant solely for me- was my flame.
I smiled back before I realized it and the wall in my eyes and the soft, comforting look that was reserved for me. My fears and insecurities vanished into extinction as I held onto your gaze. A warm glow spread through me, originating from the love your heart showed through your eyes. I was on my way to healing.
We exchanged a few words, still occupied by each others eyes and gazes and our love. And I was completely healed.



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