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Hotel Sea Lord…

Tired and fatigued as we were from our journey of 8hrs, us and our bodies were very thankful as we climbed onto our feet outside the hotel (Hotel Sea Lord) we were to spend our night in.

Cochin   The Hotel Sea Lord

We stretched a little and our bones cracked in complaint at the slightest of moving. Determined to settle into our beds which were looking forward to our arrival, we tugged at our luggage, retreived the keys and settled in for the night. Unfortunately that was not for long as there was a continuous shuffle of feet outside and inside our rooms as people rummaged around the hotel, searching for goodness-alone-knows-what. The night was spent watching Two and a Half Men, Dr. Greys Anatomy and Master Chef Australia. This was followed by poses, cheeses and clicks. Then finally laying our exhausted cameras to rest, we submitted ourselves to our sleep and dreams so that we would have some energy left for the days coming up next.



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