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Upon The Monster…

Me in the bus!

Our luggages lay piled and scattered, waiting to be loaded at the back of the huge bus that was to transport us to a dream land- Lakshadweep. The bus was waiting for us to board it so it could be off and so its duty. The teachers were on their toes, rushing here and there and asking everyone to pack up and settle as soon as possible. We were told to follow the ‘buddy-rule’ i.e. always have someone with you no matter where you go. So I agreed to accompany my friend to the dorm to retrieve something she had forgotten. Returning, I made sure that my suitcase was up and safe ASAP. I was standing beside Him and apparently he was looking for me, for when the others pointed out that I was standing right behind him, he jumped and screamed, “Oh! Here you are!” Astonished, I did nothing but stare at him with my eyebrows vanishing in my hairline. Embarassed at his sudden (and loud) outburst, he looked down and blushed. And then I blushed too, for I then realized that he had indeed been looking for me earnestly. Everyone around us burst into peals of laughter as we blushed a deeper hue of red and approached the bus ASAP so that our red could be hidden in the black inner of the bus waiting for us. We settled down. The bus gave an excited shriek as we finally took off on our adventure.



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