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M V Kavaratti

There was a (series of) knock(s) on the door of our room to wake us up that belonged to our teacher. We were to get ready and assemble for breakfast and departure FAST. Harried that we were to be woken out of our deep slumbers, her words fell like rocks on our ears. We shook our heads from side to side, trying to make sense of what she had just said. And then it registered. We had only 45mins for the 5 of us to take a bath, get ready and leave. We just looked at each other and then, as it struck us, rushed to the bathroom. Being the fastest I secured it for my use first while I could hear the others forming a line after me. Late, and punished for being late, we gobbled our breakfast and hurried to embark on the next part of our journey- the ship Kavaratti.

Breakfast in the hotel



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