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Star Sister…

Fatigued and clueless as to why she was feeling weak, my friend (also my Star Sister, i.e. we were born the same day, same month, same year…) collapsed outside the Scanning centre at the Harbour. We fanned her, sprinkled water on her face and brought her back to conciousness only to escort her into the scanning centre and rush her into the bus leaving for the ship. I tugged our luggage (she was to bunk with me on the ship so we packed together and thus, I was taking care of her) to the bus and coaxed our friend to be a gentleman enough and give her a seat. She dozed as I eagerly took in my surroundings, and the ship Kavaratti came into sight. White, mega-huge, and a steel cloaked monster- it was waiting for our arrival.

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And we were waiting to board it. I helped her on board and then we waited for the others to arrive and be allotted our cabins. The only reason we wanted our cabins to be allotted fast was so that we could excavate all tiny details about the ship in the day remaining. We didn’t have anything else to do as it is. Since my Star Sister and me were the girls who had arrived early and with the guys (thanks to her illness), we waited outside near the interior door (after one peak inside) and looked over the railing, eager to sight the other girls and tell them how amazing the interiors were. And the girls arrived too.






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