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We sat beside each other as the monster beneath us thrummed with energy. The energy passed unto us as we too shivered with excitement. But with that excitement was a certain amount of pleasing satisfaction; satisfaction that I got from your presence. Waves splashed against the metal body of the monster that we rode upon and we got lost as we gazed at the designs that the water made as it swirled around the streamlined sides that were so accustomed to the sea. We were yet unaccustomed, though we were better balanced than those who accompanied us on this cruise-ship that we rode.
We sat together. Sometimes giving company to each other in silence, sometimes looking at each other and smiling as our eyes met and sometimes exchanging a few words. If someone teased us then we just blushed and lowered our gazes to the ground till they stopped. We soon overcame our shyness and sat with our legs hanging over the deck of the cruise, oblivious to the people around.
Soon it was time to go and before parting we just smiled at the soft expressions in each other’s eyes. That one smile signed a bond stating that no matter when or where, we were going to try to spend as much time with each other as possible. And we did.




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