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Scattered on a deck of about the size of a 200 metres track ground we were thirty seven odd groups of twos or threes and sometimes, fours. Tired as we were after transferring our luggage from one cabin to the other we came on the deck to spend some time out of the claustrophic corridors which reminded us of the mess we had created when the same cabin had been alloted to a guy and girl, alloted on different floors, so on and so forth. So some whiled away their time while others were thinking and talking of philosophical topics. And very few (like me) managed to let their souls free and escape the material world and escape into imagination. Lost in the beauty of the sky, the stars, the water, the waves, the people and life, I was left to my thoughts till my star sister came and sat next to me. Extracting the tendril of my thoughts from the roots of imagination, I managed to come back on earth to acknowledge the presence of my star sister next to me. We smiled and put our arms around each other’s torso, swaying to our own music which had become one as ds.107

Our music was interuppted by another too familiar tune being hummed, a syllable thus stretched so as to pulsate peace into the hearts of anyone who listened to it- Aum. Attracted, we went and sat with our friends to perform Aarti on the deck- our first and only Aarti on the deck and the only one in our entire lives when we performed Aarti willingly and with all our hearts.




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