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Direct View…

Both me and my star sister are claustrophobic, just minor claustrophobic. But in the interiors of the ship and in the cabins, normal became claustrophobic and those who were already (like us) became even more clautrophobic!


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Ultimately, it came to the verge that all of us spent as much time possible on the deck. If not on the beach or on a boat, we used to be on the deck. We got addicted to it!

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The first island that we visited was Kavaratti-the capital of Lakshadweep. To reach the island, any of the islands, we had to anchor the ship far from coast- thanks to the shallow lagoons that were host to the famous corals and the life forms that the ecosystem supported. So we had to leap from the cruise to a motorboat and from that to the wet, grey, stone steps of the jetty. Cautiously climbing the steps, I raised my eyes to the first direct view of Kavarattiā€¦




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