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My first Scuba…

It was the first island Kavaratti- the capital of Lakshadweep islands. We did a lot of things there, along with Scuba diving…

I call that my Meditation Experience…

Meditation. Cross-legged people sitting atop mountain peaks. Flush-faced people with intentionally contorted bodies on a ‘Yoga Mat’. Fierce concentration to maintain your thoughtless state. The consistent beating of your heart. The unfailing motion of air in your chest cavity. Meditation. All these are types of meditation. Everyone experiences Meditation, willingly-unwillingly, intentionally-unintentionally, consciously-subconsciously…

I meditated that day…

A weightless load of compressed air on my back, a clamp in my mouth that I was learning to breathe through- these were my equipments along with the guide who was to accompany me the alien into the world of marine beings. My heavy breathing was prominent and evident. I was too aware of how I was dependent on external appendages to help me survive. The lungs that I breathed through without any second thoughts were incapable of existing in the under-water world. I had no survival skills. And I was acutely aware of that. This knowledge probably heightened my senses. I was very aware of my surroundings, the marine fish that passed by me and the ecosystem that they were a part of. Looking at the fish that I was swarmed by, I realized that I was looking at the life of the beings I consumed occasionally.

At this moment of obvious realization, I stopped looking at the fish as beings that breathed and swam, and started looking at them as beings that had a life. My outlook changed, and suddenly I was looking intruding into the private world of beings that did nothing but mind their own business. I felt like an alien on the prowl in a place where she wasn’t welcome…

A few more minutes passed by as I looked into the lives of the fish. And then it clicked- they were hardly bothered by my presence! No feeling of insecurity regarding the major intrusion in their world. They went about doing their own business!

And then my eyes opened wide within my scuba goggles as another thought hit me- they were thoughtless animals! They had no thoughts! I had started believing that they were evolved beings with thoughts and lives!

But are they thoughtless? Or are we…? We are the ones capturing innocent lives when they mind only their own business and do us no harm…

Are they thoughtless? Or are we…?

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