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A Trip to a Lakshadweepan Hospital…

I discovered the perfect way to ruin your Beach Vacation! It is the perfect remedy and answer to all those who want to avoid a dip in the salty waters of the shores, especially with waters as gorgeous as Lakshadweep. Break your toe-nail! That is my discovery! Unfortunately though, I love swimming and water sports. So, the broken toe-nail was not exactly a god send answer to my pleas for avoidance of the waters. I wanted to enjoy the waters (that too with my friends!) and I was stuck with a broken toe-nail.
How did it happen you wonder? Then I shall give you another piece of free advice- Do not, I repeat- DO NOT go for a ride in a glass-bottom-boat after you are wet from Scuba diving and are very conveniently a clumsy person. Oh, I’m not clumsy! But I was wet and slipped and banged my nail against the glass bottom of the boat. Didn’t even notice that my nail was broken until the point that I saw big red blots obscuring my view of the corals. Then, my eyes went in search of the source of this obstruction, and it lead to my own toe. As soon as my mind registered what that meant, the pain started! My friends tried their level best to distract me from the pain but it just wouldn’t leave me. I was almost on the verge of a panic attack when I realized another mind-blowing piece of news… I couldn’t get down in the salt water which would mean I couldn’t jump out of the boat which meant I would have to be carried away which meant no one would because I was not exactly the lightest girl in the group! And so, I freaked.
But guys, being very efficient and well, brave (because they attempted to pick me up!) found out a way to carry me to the shore. They brought me a plastic chair, I stepped on to it and 4 or 5 of them carried it away as I rode on it like Chief Vitalstatistix on his shield!
The proceedings then were obvious- I was taken to a nearby government hospital, given absolutely no anesthesia and the nail pulled out of its soggy socket. Some brown medicine was applied and my toe was bandaged. And that was the end of my water adventures that day…




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