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After Moments of a Momentous Wound…

I was hopping along the edge of the shore, trying to control my urge to forget the broken toe nail and jump in the water along with my friends… I also had to try to make sure that the cotton binding doesn’t get wet or full of sand. I was a failure in trying to keep the sand out and when I finally I thought that I might lose my control and jump into the water anyway, I pulled my feet, dragged my feet and went and sat on a chair nearby. Ironically, it was the chair that had been used to carry me to the shore! I winced as the toe throbbed in memory of the pain. Oh well, I had my camera and the least I could do was to at least click-click-click…


Bored again, as everyone was coming out of the water and I was short of subjects, I hobbled back to where we had kept our belongings. I heard my name being called out- Vedanti! I turned and found one of the girls from another class calling me. I hobbled up to her, only to retell my ‘toe-story’ all over again and this time to her, and two other boys. One of them was my crush and I couldn’t help but flush a little as he paid full attention to my words!

Then the four of us grouped up and went outside the beach area, to some nearby shops. We had gotten our pocket money- Rs. 1000- earlier, and we were ready to spend this meager amount on food. Imagine our joy when we saw bottles and bottles of Nutella and boxes and boxes of chocolates. We bought jars of Nutella and bags full of chocolates to sustain our chocolate-devoid selves! Back on the deck with the still new and exciting experience of jumping from ferries to the ship, we went back to our cabins to freshen up and meet yet again in the canteen for dinner. A dinner that consisted of Nutella and Bread!!! Probably the best dinner ever!



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