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Pursuit Of Perseverance

It all happened in different ages, in different places. In India- Sage Valmiki wrote the Ramayana. In Jerusalem, Christ was proclaimed the son of god, and in Saudi Arabia, Prophet Mohammed was believed to be the messenger of god. As it has been since the beginning of time and the dawn of this era, religions were followed. Different religions, different people and different lifestyles. But that was no measure for discrimination; no reason to uproot their way of living, their lifestyles and their homes. Everyone lived in the same society followed their religion and helped one another prosper.

And then the inevitable happened. Ego got into way, jealousy burned in everyone, negativity reigned and poison triumphed in the hearts of those who used to be at the very cordial. Oh! This pain! This anger!  This frustration and confusion! And alas, this arrogance.

People turned away from each other and refused to be in contact. They found each other repulsive now, no more friends. Friends were enemies, siblings turned rivals, parents were outcast in their own home and neighbours turned foes. Where tears would’ve been shed once, blood was willing to be shed.

Their revulsion was their own undoing. What community ever existed self sufficiently? What community ever survived without the support of other communities? How was it possible to live without the community along with which they had lived for so long? Barriers, visible and invisible, approached and encroached.

Fights, wars, combats and conflicts. All hostilities were seen in the battle that followed. Instead of declaring a war against the negativity amongst them, they aimed to destroy each other. They were influenced heavily by the presence of the barriers. The barriers flourished by the call of battle and triumphed over the conundrum to establish their rule.

The parted communities tried to sustain on their own. They built and constructed. They manufactured and created. They tried to do all they could in their separated inefficiency.

The barriers did their cruel work! The negativity persisted and progress was deterred as the two parted communities tried to be constructive in what they called their self sufficient endeavours. But alas and in vain! Their efforts did not last very long. They could build but couldn’t sustain their progress long enough. There was more harm done than accounted for.

Futile? What was the reason for this inefficiency? Didn’t the communities carry out their work quite well while they were together? But who was to realize this? Could there be one hero to save this society? But together perhaps… Together? Together! Is their partition the reason for their inefficiency? The quiet realization of this truth dawned upon all of them. They had to get together again, they had to destroy the barrier and join forces again. For their progress, for their prosperity. The barrier that had destroyed them would now be the subject of destruction.

The barriers were vanquished and they were Together again! Happy and satisfied about their achievement and unity. They were one big community now and worked together at last, with all success and glory. They knew now that what they could achieve together, they culd not achieve apart. There were no obstructions, no barriers, no hitches and no difficulties now that could stop them, none to end their race for them. They could do it now. They were- at last- at the end of their pursuit of perseverance.



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