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Colors of Mumbai


For people who don’t stay in Mumbai, Mumbai consists of Bombay, Navi Mumbai, Thane and Thane Gramin.

Bombay with its old British buildings and structures, famous parks, museums, fountains, maidans, stations, colleges, landmarks, festivals, Taj and Dharavi. Where people went street shopping, wore the street-bought but most in-fashion clothes. Where trains and feet were the most common mode of travel. Where everyone is too busy to go for vacations.

Navi Mumbai with its clean roads, well-lit wine shops, glass buildings, humongous malls, costly commercial parks, well maintained swimming pools and brand-shops. Where everyone wore nothing but brands, used nothing but brands. Where everyone had either a Volkswagen, Audi, BMW or Benz. Where everyone went abroad for tours.

Thane with its dusty and crowded roads, upcoming and haphazard buildings, rickshaws, lakes, electronics shops, malls, art theatres, temples, chawls, kulfi and gold-jewellery shops. Where comfort mattered more than brands, where simple brands were appreciated. Where Toyota, Hyundai, Maruti Suzuki, Tata and Ford worked the best. Where people went for vacations to the nearby hillstations.

Thane Gramin with its grainy roads, shanty four-storey buildings, super markets, chawls and slums, creeks, gutters and Saturday weekly markets. Where affordability was the limit of purchase and comfort was the criteria of use. Where rickshaws, motorbikes, cycles and trains worked the most. And where the best trip was that to the village.

Those are the different colors of Mumbai, the city of dreams. Where everyone has a niche in which they can fit in, work in, make a living in. No color can be looked down upon. For every aspect serves a purpose and contains a lifestyle; a contingent of people struggling through life. Everything that I have mentioned above is worth living through, because each will teach us how to live life in different ways. And if this one city has so much to teach then just imagine, how much does the world have in store for us?



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