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Analyzing Two Pens

Pens are simple implements that aid the user to record any information on agreeable surfaces. Research into the field of development of pens has led to the manufacture of varieties within the product itself. The three major classifications that are widely held in the world today are fountain pens, ballpoint pens and gel pens. The cost of the pens signify the ease-of-use, custom design and the brand of the pen.

The two pens provided for this case study are gel pens of the same brand- Reynolds. Though the brand and costing of the pens are the same, there are differences in different aspects of the same pens. While Reynolds Jiffy Gel has a black refill, the Reynolds Mera Gel has a red refill. By social norms and the tendency of public usage, blue refills are generally more in use. However, for similar reasons and an ever-growing social notion the red gel pen is restricted to the maximum use of teachers, professors and similar higher authorities. Students, hence, tend to prefer a black gel pen (Jiffy) for their work. The number of students are naturally more in society, hence the sale will be more.

The making and style of the two pens is quite simple ad practical and holds no aesthetic value except for the red color of the Mera pen, which is eye-catching (according to numerous previous scientific studies). Practically, the design of the Mera gel would be handy for the rubber grip provided to the users. The rubber grip also has a design of some aesthetic value.

People generally prefer to own pens that have handles that do not break. In this case, the Jiffy pen is more suitable for it’s inbuilt handle, unlike the Mera pen’s externally attached handle.

The over-all conclusion is that the Jiffy is more user friendly with cost-effectiveness, practical design, comfortable grip and a preferred color as compared to the red Mera pen.



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