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The Golden Pages

My eyes fell on the golden cover of the book that had preserved my initial Junior College memories. Before I reached out for it, I tried to remember what secrets the golden pages held. I tried for a few moments but then decided that it was better if I didn’t venture into this particular part of my life. I closed the red door of the book-cupboard and turned my back to it. But I had left a piece of conscience, heart, mind and piece between those golden pages.

I took my phone out of my shorts and wondered whom to call first. But what the hell? I would WhatsApp both of them and chat with them. I sent my message to both of them.

Me: I found my diary. Should I open it? I think there are things about him written in there but I’m not sure…

Suraj: Do you want to read it? The other things at least … I mean, you won’t find out till you find out.

Harshita: SURAJ! Shut up! Vaidehi, don’t even touch that book if it has the slightest possibility of his name being in there!

Me: I’m opening it… I wanna know if he’s in there, what I thought of him then…

Suraj: I knew it… 🙂

Harshita: I knew it! 😡

Me: Can’t help myself… But later if I…

Suraj: I’m here for you…

Harshita: Just call…



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