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That’s how?

Extract from the Diary of Vaidehi:

We were all supposed to go for sports for the first time that evening. Not many girls were up to that, but boys from my grade were playing football together. I knew some guys. One of them was this thin guy from Dubai called Prashant who claimed that he sucked at football. He really did; I laughed my head off while watching these guys play football! There was this other fat guy called Abhinav that I had been introduced to. He was behaving as if he was the God of football or something. Anyhow, it was entertaining to see these guys bond over football, though some of them were deliberately showing off because I was standing there and watching them. Maybe, that’s what made it more hilarious! Anyway, we had aarti soon…

Wait. I put the diary down. That’s how I described him first? Is that really what I thought of him? A fat guy who thought he was the God of football? I vaguely remember hating him, but this…? The thought was hilarious, and it could not be false. I had written it down myself. Abhinav… No one would believe my description if they saw him now. I myself didn’t believe that I had written this down, and if this was true then what happened to this nerdy looking guy I had first seen and immediately hated? I continued reading…



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