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The fat footballer

We had Aarti in the most beautiful and serene places in the entire campus- The Amphitheatre. Swamiji was himself taking Aarti for us that night… I don’t exactly remember what it was that he said, but he cracked some really good joke. Unfortunately, my laugh is very loud and this time too, I laughed loud enough for people to consider me crazy. Example? Abhinav, that fat football guy that I was talking about? He was sitting next to me in Aarti and after I was done laughing he asked me if I was crazy. I just laughed and said that he noticed it quite quickly. He just smirked at me and was like, I knew that already. Good for you, I said, and that was that. Idiotic boy. I don’t understand what his problem is. Anyway, dinner was good…

Hahaha! Oh my god! I actually described him like that! I remember that incident quite well; it was the first time I spoke to Abhinav. I just didn’t remember thinking of him as the fat football guy during Aarti… Anyway, it must’ve been quite a big stereotype for me to keep calling him that again. Almost eight months after that incident I was recounting this incident to him on phone, as he sat shivering in Ranchi and I sat wrapped up in Mumbai. He didn’t believe me and was completely convinced that I was making this on the spot… I am quite good at making up stuff like that, I told him, but I swear I’m not lying this time! It’s written in my dairy somewhere! We laughed about this the entire conversation…



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