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Loving a creature

I closed the Diary slowly. I hoped this was the last time I would read it and the last time I would have to see his things. I got up and kept it back in the box I had removed it from. I packed the box and kept it on the top most shelf of top most cupboard. I had decided to move on already. But how? Every time I got just about one second of thoughtless-ness, my mind invariably went to him…

I sighed and removed my phone. I sent a message on Whatsapp to both Harshita and Suraj. For a moment I also thought of sending it to Shraddha, but I guess it was good for our friendship if I gave her a break from the issues of my broken heart…

Vaidehi: I read it… Successfully…

Suraj: What exactly do you mean by success? Not crying?

Harshita: I think so… Doesn’t mean that she won’t feel down about this!

Vaidehi: Fortunately I didn’t cry… Unfortunately, I miss him…

Suraj: Why the hell do you love that creature so much? How can you love someone who has hurt you?

Harshita: Suraj! There is never a reason why you love someone…! That’s the most beautiful part of loving anyone!

Vaidehi: @Suraj- The only reason someone can hurt you is because you love them… And frankly speaking, I guess it’s ok… He’s old enough… He must’ve done what he thought was right at that time. I’m the one who is not able to cope with the fact that we broke up… I just hope it’s all worth it in the end…



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