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A Coward

Harshita: I still don’t understand how someone can love ANYONE so much? That guy has hurt you so much, how can you still love him? He’s not worthy of you!

Suraj: Might’ve been before, definitely not now!

Vaidehi: Guys, seriously. He told me the truth- that he didn’t love me anymore. Why are we demeaning him for saying the truth? I love him, doesn’t mean it necessarily has to be reciprocated. It’s like the case of Anmol and Vaishnavi… He loves her and she doesn’t. Difference being that Abhinav is not keeping me on the hook and sending me signals like that bitch Vaishnavi is doing with Anmol…

Suraj: Dude, you’re being practical only now… I am wondering when your dam is going to burst again… Besides, correction- He didn’t tell you! He sent you a letter, that gutless coward! He didn’t even have the guts to come and face you! Ved, Please let me tear the guts out of that piece of cowardice!

Harshita: Ved…

Vaidehi: Guys…

Harshita: No! Stop right there. Ved, you listen to me first. If that guy would have the guts to come and face you and talk to you about this then we would have considered forgiving him and letting him go. But not after this!

Vaidehi: Ok fine, I guess it is quite unforgivable. I am pissed about it too! I’ve cried about this a lot, and even punched the walls in my anger over this exact act of cowardice of his! You’re right, he does’nt deserve me after this, but there’s nothing I can do, nothing we can do. The very least that I could do would be to heal… It sucks to be in love with a Coward…



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