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I am not sure when exactly we started talking… I think it was when both of us declined a Student Council post and were extremely happy about it. I still remember there was this very stupid thing that happened! Prashant asked us what we are talking about and why we declined a post… He didn’t really reply and me, being my over-enthu self answered- You know, we wanna date each other, and thought that getting posts would keep us to busy to be able to give time to each other. Weirded out, he just said ‘Uhhh… ok…’ and walked off… Abhi looked kinda shocked at what I had just said but started laughing after I started laughing. We laughed a lot over this! Over and over again! That was the first time we spoke without hating each other. After that we used to speak sometimes in the juice break. I remember that there was this one time that we started speaking about some of the stupidest dreams we had had in one of the juice breaks and then we caught up that afternoon and walked to lunch continuing the topic of conversation. I don’t know what happened after that but we started waiting for each other before every lunch and walked together to every lunch. There always seemed something absolutely inconsequential to speak about. I don’t even remember what we talked about. But we talked and walked…



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