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Habit of Winking

We had developed this habit of winking.

Harshita: WAIT! Is that how you practiced your wink? No wonder it’s so perfect Vaidehi!

Suraj: What? Don’t interrupt dude! A wink… I can’t believe you just commented on a wink…

Shraddha: Hey Suraj, it IS quite amazing ok, it’s just that you haven’t gotten any from her…

Pratika: Can you guys just shut up? Can Ved continue her story please? On an ending note, I get winks everyday…

Suraj: Why the hell am I always left out? Besides, I am the guy!

Me: Whoa guys! Slow down will ya? Why are we discussing my winks? I want to continue my story… Anyways…

They were just small little winks that spoke volumes for us. While peeking into each other’s classes, while crossing each other in the hallways, while drinking water, or any small reason. And then came the smiles. I think I fell for his eyes first and then for his smile. Eventually for his heart, but that comes later…

Suraj: Can you stop fast-forwarding like that?!

Me: SURAJ!!!!!! Can you please stop interrupting like that?!

So, we started spending more and more time together. I never realized when it happened but I started looking forward to the few minutes that I spent with him everyday. Around 5mins before lunch, about a few after classes, a few in the break and a few somewhere after Aarti… And curiously, he waited for me every time I wanted to spend time with him. It was like we wanted to spend time with each other as much as possible. Maybe we did, and somewhere in the back of our minds we were already starting to like each other. As we spent more time with each other, we knew we came to know that we liked each other…



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