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L’Escapade, The thoughts…

It was not before long that people started teasing us. Being the weird person I am, I didn’t mind, and took it jokingly. I think it was a kind of a shock for him but then he finally got used to it and then we used to tease each other with each other. We didn’t mind people teasing us either. I guess this one of the things that he initially started liking me. Then there was this time when we had a Drama Fest coming up. Suraj? This was the time when we first started being friends. Anyway, so it was like we used to look for each other so we could spend any spare moment together. We ended up doing that so, yeah… So we used to talk about this Drama fest a lot. I guess we were both very excited about it. We both were more excited about the time we would get to spend together than the fest itself…

I wrote the story, of course.

Suraj: The parody of ‘Around the Word in 80 Days’, right? L’Escapade, we called it!!! That was one jolly time… But didn’t you go for a grade-tour about then?

Me: Yes, we did but you don’t need to rush off with the story like that!

So, we hadn’t started doing the Drama-fest work yet because of the tour that was coming up. We just had to submit our storyline before we left, but we went just a step ahead and made our character list too. He was going to star the show as Phileas Fogg, and I was going to be the narrator. Vaishnavi was his best friend, unfortunately, and she was going to star as Princess Aouda, his love interest. Many people teased us then too, but funnily, I didn’t feel jealous at all. Actually, there was no reason to. There was nothing to be jealous about. No matter what people said, Vaishnavi was his best friend. And me? I was, well, me…



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