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The Break

We had hardly started writing the script for L’Escapade when we had to abandon it…

Pratika: Why? Wasn’t it good?

Me: Oh! It was good, but that’s not why we had to abandon it…

Shraddha: I remember why… Haha! But hey, it’s not “abandoning” you know. It’s more like a break. Not abandoning. That makes it sound so…

Me: Inconsiderate of us? Hehe.. Yeah… Sorry, rephrasing: we had to drop the project for a while. Better Shraddha?

Shraddha: Yeah, and hey, if you’re narrating a story can you use the word which perfectly says what you want to say? Not some random synonyms please…

Suraj: What the hell are all of you talking about? WHO DROPPED WHAT? WHO ABANDONED WHAT?!! What ARE you all talking about?

Me: You daft object! I’m talking about the Lakshadweep trip we took! Do you remember it? We went for a week, so we had to take a break from the scriptwriting for a while! What is UP with you? When I am talking about the play, you talk about the trip, and when I am talking about the trip, you’re wondering what’s happening!

Suraj: Sorry! Mom’s calling me for something… I will call you back when I am done… OK?

Me: Oh all right! But you better call back or I am going to eat you alive!

Suraj: Yeah yeah fine! Call you later… Bye.

So, this trip we went to… It was a six day trip to Lakshadweep islands to the east of India…

Shraddha: Hey can we skip this part? We were there you know…

Harshita: No we can’t! Do you know how important this part is in the entire story?

Pratika: And I don’t know this part either…

Me: Can you all shut your dear opinions!!! I have a story to complete!

NOW, A lot happened in Lakshadweep…



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