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Lakshadweep was one of the most romantic places I had been to… Of course I fell in love… With the place, I mean. Pure blue seas and fine white sand, tall coconut trees and dusty streets, tanned bodies and smiling faces… It gave you everything you needed, fun in groups and peace in solitude. It was extremely beautiful. And I fell in love with him too. Me and Abhinav spent a lot of time together. We used to wait to see if the other person came to meals, and then start our own meal. If we bought something, we used to offer it to each other first. We used to walk to the deck and back together. We used to sit together on the deck, dangling our feet over the rim and stared at the waves slashing below. There were so many moments where we just sat together and said nothing. There were moments where we sat a few feet away from each other and occasionally  looked at each other, only to find that we were both looking at each other at the same instance in time. The only difference was that I looked away and blushed, while he kept looking at me and smiled. There was a time when my nail broke in a boat and I went to a hospital on the Kavaratti Island- it was the first island that we had visited. They plucked the nail out and bandaged it for me. He didn’t know until quite after. When he did come to know, he didn’t go into the water again but sat with me and distracted me from the pain. Every moment seemed to be etching itself into us. Every moment was longer, and more beautiful. It all became magnified. Everything was more. There was more-ness in everything!

Of course, our teasing also increased. Even we teased each other. There was this one day when he claimed to be in love with Vaishnavi while I claimed to be in love with Abhinav. I laughed along. But on my face was a Mona Lisa smile… I knew he was already mine and no one could take him from me. And then sometime during the day he started playing around with Vaishnavi. And then they started saying that they were happy together, while I could be happy with Anmol, who was into Vaishnavi. So me and Anmol played around too. But it finally started getting pretty bugging. I finally got very annoyed and started ignoring him. He didn’t even notice! I decided to ignore him the next day too…



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