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I’m not possessive or jealous…

This time he noticed… I hadn’t spoken to him the entire morning. My eyes still searched his face at breakfast and lunch. I still looked at him occasionally. And then deliberately looked away as soon as he looked my way. I was not jealous by nature, but I really wanted to come and pay attention to me. My funda was simple- You can spend as much as time as you want with others provided not one second of my time is spent with anyone but me.

Suraj: Hey that makes no sense! It’s almost the same! And both make you possessive and jealous.

Shraddha: No they don’t crazy person. What’s up with the grammar? They are two different things. And I have experienced that with this female many times before.

Vaidehi: Hey! The female has a name. Don’t hurt the feelings! And yes, it makes perfect sense. It’s like this. If you spend 1 hour 15 minutes with me everyday then you can’t compromise on that time. I have to have my 1 hour 15 mins. Then the rest of the time you can talk to anyone you like, be with anyone you like, do anything you like. But those 1 hour 15 mins are mine, and can’t be spent with anyone else. The rest of the time I am not troubled or jealous about who you are with, what you do. Comprendez?

Harshita: Stop flaunting your French skills and get on with your story, d’abord?

Vaidehi: Fine, so…

In the end he did realize that I was annoyed with him. That day went weird till then though. I spent time with other friends. We went snorkeling and kayaking. My toe nail was still wrapped and the flesh was fresh and red. So I couldn’t go into the water.

Pratika: Why?

Vaidehi: What why?

Pratika: Why couldn’t you go into the water?

Vaidehi: Haven’t you ever heard ‘Jale pe namak nahi chhidakte’? That is, Don’t put salt on something that is burnt. If you put salt on any wound then it burns. Badly. And the water was saline, stupid girl!

Pratika: Oh! OK, sorry continue.

Since I was forbidden to go in the water I sat on a rock nearby and took many pics of many people. To a certain extent there was so much to take pics of that you didn’t know where to start, and once started it would never end! Then there was this feeling that if you clicked pics then it was like disrupting the nature and polluting or disrespecting the place. It was a weird feeling, but I couldn’t resist either. Finally, sir came to me and told me that I should get into the water if he wanted me to heal faster.

Pratika: WHAT? Is he crazy? How can he say that?

Vaidehi: Apparently pure saline water is an anti septic and all the locals there would get into the water if they got wounded. It would hurt a lot but it would go as fast as it came and heal faster than before.

Shraddha: Faster than you could say Quidditch!




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