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Touring Kalpeni

Sameer sir called us, knocking us out of our stupor. We both jerked back to reality and stared at him blankly. He repeated himself and told us that we were leaving for the tour of the island now. We split reluctantly, boarded our respective vehicles with our groups. There was a hosiery factory on the island that we were going to visit. They made t-shirts that were exclusively for tourists. They had photos of islands, and fish and Lakshadweep written on them. And they were only for Rs.70 or so.

Pratika- 70 RUPEES?! Whoa dude! That’s really, really cheap!
Harshita- You see, we were around 5 or 60 people and their overall turn-over would be a lot even if they sold them to us cheap.
Shraddha: Yeah, yeah business student we know. I remember buying quite a few myself!

Yeah, so the guys were no where near us all the touring time. Well, not an issue because we were continuously touring the island. I still remember this little kitten we saw outside the hosiery factory.

Harshita: OH MY GAWD!!! That little cat was SO cute!
Suraj: Harshita, how do you find every single thing so cute?
Shraddha: And just so you know, it was a ‘kitten’ not a cat…
Harshita: Yeah, yeah. Same thing…
Vaidehi: How is that the same thing?!!! And actually Suraj, the kitten was truly very cute.

So, the kitten was quite a centre of attraction then. We moved ahead and saw this shop.

Harshita: And we raided it!
Pratika: WHAT?
Shraddha: Not literally…
Vaidehi: No, it was quite literally. We bought almost everything that the shop had. It was this little forlorn thing. We bought huge boxes of chocolate and strings of wafers and all the bottles of drinks that he owned. Poor guy, he looked very lost with all the calculations. Some of our guys had to go in and help him with the finances.
Suraj: And why exactly were you behaving that way?
Harshita: We were hungry! All of us were. And the thing is, no one bought anything only for himself. Everyone bought variety in bulk and then shared.
Pratika: OK, that clears things. So continue.

Thank you, so we then went to this museum and shark pool. It was actually pretty cool. There were like a billion types of shells and fish. We even saw an entire skeleton of a full-grown shark. And many people went and stuck their faces into the shark pool till the watchman came and shooed them away! Then we went back to the ship.

Pratika: How exactly did you guys go to the ship?
Vaidehi: Oh yeah, we used to climb on to a speed boat which used to take us to the ship which was anchored pretty far from the shore. This was because the reefs were very shallow and the ship couldn’t stay on shallow ground. And it would hurt the reefs anyway. So we literally had to leap from the speed boat onto a platform projected from the ship. And then go to the room. We all used to go to the deck immediately. Or take a bath, eat dinner and then proceed to the deck for the night for some time. Then we went back and slept. I’m sure everyone slept peacefully but me. My bloody broken toe nail used to get hit on the walls and bleed to death the entire night.

Suraj: Ouch!



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