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Broke the Promise

The next island was Minicoy and it turned out to be my favourite island. It was the prettiest island- tucked away between deep blue waters on one side and a light blue bay on the other. The bay stretched miles and miles and as far as the horizon. We could keep walking for hours and not reach the end of the bay. We were on this side of the island. I did my last share of snorkelling with Asif sir here. And indeed, it was the most beautiful underwater too. For snorkelling on this island we had to go further away from where we were stationed so that we could have some depth instead of the sand on the bay. Since all of us couldn’t go there, 6 batches was made. I went in the first and stayed till the last. I went with my own batch in the group-chain style. And between the travel time of every batch Asif sir used to take me alone snorkelling into the deeper portions of the reef. Wearing a life-jacket was compulsory for everyone while snorkelling but I had become used to the water currents and buoyancy because of extensive snorkelling. So Asif sir used to take me without a life jacket, and sometimes without holding my hand. In the end I walked back with him back to our bay. It was a long walk and we walked barefeet. He fished for a shell, removed the crustacean out of it, and gave the shell to me. I still have it somewhere. The last batch that came was Abhinav’s. I was sitting on the edge of the water with the waves lapping at my feet. He came and sat next to me not saying anything. It was his way of apologising. He had broken our promise of not teasing each other with anyone else during breakfast that day. I wasn’t speaking to him since. Anyway, I got up from where I was sitting and walked away. I went and sat a few metres away. I didn’t even look at him or his face, I just saw his retreating figure. As I was walking with Asif sir, he kept turning around and looking at me as he walked ahead with Vaishnavi. But I didn’t even look at him.



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