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Even out

His heart hadn’t always been in the right place, you know. It took time to heal it, pull it there and reinstate it in its original position. This time I made sure that it was well protected and received nourishment constantly. Great care was in order, for it kept slipping past its place without me realizing it many times. Sometimes, it was only after the damage had been done that I would get an inkling of it. When was it that that he would finally be completely healed? It was no later that I finally found the answer. And so did he. Another girl coaxed his heart into staying there forever, and his heart obliged. He claimed however, that it was still lopsided. It leaned towards me, as my love weighed more than he could ever even out. But what he doesn’t realize, yet, is that he has given me more than I ever could’ve imagined. And I loved him for it.

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The Confession

I was still hobbling when I woke up and made my way to the deck with Shraddha. And as soon as we reached up we emitted the most heart-breaking and enormous groans ever! Everyone turned to look at us with the same forlorn faces that we soon wore ourselves. THE WATER HAD TURNED GREEN AGAIN! And even though that’s the color of the water that we were generally used to, it seemed to be the biggest punishment of our lives. It was a sickly sludgy green that was our worst nightmare. We spent the next hour groaning and complaining about the color of the water and how disastrous it was!

Shraddha: Hello?? What do you mean by WE? I remember snapping at you to shut up!

Vaidehi: OK, fine! ‘I’ kept on going! Coz it was heart breaking, okay?

Anyways, I was soon joined by Abhinav who inquired about my toe and my sleep. Reassuring him about my health, we stood looking at the water with apprehension. This had probably been the best time of our lives, which was now about to come to an end. This led to our conversation; I remember it as if it had happened yesterday.

Me: I don’t like going back Abhinav…

Abhi: I don’t either… I could stay in Lakshadweep forever.

Me: Do you realize we are going back to school, and masquerade and studies?

Abhi: I know… I’m excited for the masquerade but I don’t want this to end either…

Me: Abhi? It means going back to only 5mins of time with each other a day walking to lunch…

Abhi: Hmmm… I don’t like that prospect. I liked the time we spent here. 5mins is too less.

Me: Hmmm… I don’t wanna go back Abhi…

Abhi: Me neither… I like spending time with you (and he looked towards me).

Me: (looked at him and then looked away) I have a little problem.

Abhi: With?

Me: You.

Abhi: Me! What did I do? What happened?

Me: (silent for a while, then looked at him): I like you but I have a boyfriend…

Pratika: WHAT??!!! What the hell? Who the hell?

Vaidehi: Oh, I was dating Keshav then. It was a long distance relationship and it was seriously NOT working out. I was on the verge of breaking up with Keshav then anyway. So,

Abhi: I have the same problem, you know. I can’t do anything because you have a boyfriend. Otherwise, I would’ve asked you out long time back. What am I supposed to do?

Me: I know, I’m sorry…

There was a considerable length of silence after this…

Me: Abhi? Are you willing to wait? Let me just sort this out… Let me sort myself out…

Abhi: Yeah… If I’ve waited for so long, why not more? Then maybe later…

We blushed together staring out into the ocean. And I realized that this trip had indeed become the biggest blessing of my life…

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After lunch we moved to visit the rest of the Island… There was a huge lighthouse there which was the most prominent one in the cluster because it was the first one made. It was white and tall and proud. The journey up was tiring but it was worth it in the end. The wind blew our hair behind our backs so that we had an unshielded view of the amazing sight below. To the end of our sight we could see the light blue bay stretching out while on the other side we could see the deep blue waters. We could also clearly see the congruence of both the depths! The scene was gorgeous and I think we all have that one pic where we are standing right in the centre of the congruence so that two different colors are on each side. Then we went from there and ransacked the shops on Minicoy too! We were all forlorn after that. Because we had just realized that we were about to leave Lakshadweep behind and go back to college! But we still had our deck left. We skipped boats and immediately went to the deck on the ship. We decided that we would have Antakshari for a while. After that we had a little dance party where Jaishankar sir taught us all a bit of salsa. The girls paired up with other girls, and the guys with the other guys. I would’ve loved to dance with Abhinav, but all we could do was to eye each other. I think I was the only one who knew more salsa than the others though, and Jaishankar sir took me as his partner. Just as he was about to twirl me into his arms I screamed shrilly and collapsed! My voice traveled on the wind and soon everyone had surrounded me. What had happened was that I had completely forgotten about my broken toe nail! As I dragged my toes as appropriate for that step of salsa, the little skin that had built over my flesh split again and left me with a fresh pang of pain, blood and tears. And I didn’t like crying in front of anyone. I considered crying a weakness. I somehow got up, shooed people away and hopped over to the edge of the deck. Harshita and Shraddha, remember you both came and checked if I was okay and I literally shooed you away too? I kept crying, and trying to hold my pain back but it seemed pretty impossible. Then Abhinav came and looked at me. I didn’t shoo him away. He was the only person I could bear around me then. He didn’t say a word but just sat next to me. Then he asked me not to cry, resulting only in making me cry even more. He panicked and asked me if he could do anything to ease the pain. I asked him to get me some water. Asif sir came to know what happened by then and came over. He saw me crying and sent Abhinav to get water immediately. He tried to cheer me up till then. I was better only when Abhinav came back and took me downstairs. It took me quite a while to hobble down, supported by Asif sir and Abhinav. I could’ve almost hugged him, but the teachers were there. I bid him good night before I retreated to a painful night with my toe.