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Even out

His heart hadn’t always been in the right place, you know. It took time to heal it, pull it there and reinstate it in its original position. This time I made sure that it was well protected and received nourishment constantly. Great care was in order, for it kept slipping past its place without me realizing it many times. Sometimes, it was only after the damage had been done that I would get an inkling of it. When was it that that he would finally be completely healed? It was no later that I finally found the answer. And so did he. Another girl coaxed his heart into staying there forever, and his heart obliged. He claimed however, that it was still lopsided. It leaned towards me, as my love weighed more than he could ever even out. But what he doesn’t realize, yet, is that he has given me more than I ever could’ve imagined. And I loved him for it.



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