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To the Ultimate Teacher

I’ve been given mean looks for biting nails, sarcastic looks for writing silly answers, rude words for interrupting. I’ve been screamed at for not working, and screamed at for disturbing while you’re working. I’ve been shoved out of your room, and escorted out of it too. I’ve been an out-standing student for coming late. I’ve had you knocking on my head for knocking too loud, and I’ve had you whack my legs for sitting like a guy. I’ve had you give me meanings of words and give me a ‘The-dictionary-is-there-use-it’ look. You’ve said a million straight and unquestionable No-s, and I’ve heard the triumphant rare yes-es. We read books, marked books, written answers and discussed them. We’ve compared, commented, contrasted, discussed, , deciphered, plagiarised, procrastinated. We’ve given a billion excuses. We’ve given you too much work, and too less work; the latter of which you prefer. You’ve rephrased the same things a billion times to make us understand, and reiterated the same literary devices. You’ve had to listen to horrendous commentaries and read terrifying written tasks. The answers are worse. You’ve heard all kinds of wicked schemes and obnoxious theories. You’ve walked away from me, with me, behind me (with a stick?). You’ve probably come to an end of your interjection-vocabulary after dealing with me. You’ve smiled, cried, sang, yelled, imitated, criticized, and loved.
So in the end of it all- I really admire your patience.
But above all- I really, truly, completely, entirely and irrevocably love you.



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