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Part 4: Purple Blessings

My mother had been to the same trek twice before. Once before meeting my dad and once with my dad. An example that my mother often quoted as an example of a good relationship was her own. Apparently, no one in their entire trekking group knew they were dating until they themselves revealed it after a few years. And when they did reveal it, everyone was more or less flabbergasted. Now, I have no claim over this story and do not vouch for its truth but damn discreet eh? Anyhow, she says that’s how a good couple must behave in a crowd- discreet. Not jumping on each other like a hormone-crazed love-starved pack of hyenas. Point being, I had never heard of any story whatsoever where they displayed any PDA. Before going into the story, I want to describe the kind of setting that I am imagining here. Despite being there, I had to imagine it too. You see those 6 feet tall stalks that crowded this part of the mountain were called ‘karvi’ in Marathi. They were special because of their blooming. They bloomed only once every seven years. Otherwise they were just that, stalks. But when in full bloom they were blossoming pink and purple, turning the entire mountain purple. The Nilgiri range of India gained their name due to these flowers, not because of the eucalyptus (nilgiri) trees as is often assumed. When these flowers bloom every seven years they turn the entire mountain purple, or blue as it seems from a distance. Thus, nil=blue and giri=mountain. Anyhow, for you westerners- can you imagine a cherry blossom? Then imagine purple flowers carpeting the ground and falling off stalks like cherry blossoms. And dear Indians, do the same for Gulmohar. But the cherry blossom and Gulmohar are trees. These karvi stalks bent over the foot trail in a canopy so that they were literally walking in a purple tunnel that showered them with purple blessings. So, in that kind of a setting with a cool breeze blowing my mom dad held hands and walked. Yeah, my dear new generation it may not seem like a lot to hold hands and walk. But close your eyes and imagine again. The beautiful setting and my dating parents walking hand in hand. Apart from that, it was a chance that never came again. Since then, they haven’t had such a chance again. Never seen a full bloom again. And never walked that walk again.



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