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Part 5: The Ascension

Filled with my parent’s memories in this place, we threw ourselves forward with new vigour coursing our veins. We scrounged through wild bushes, scampered over fallen trees, swung on low hung vines and jumped down rock ravines. Finally we reached the base of the bare cliff that we had to traverse and climb to reach the cave. The sun was about to set across the plateau below us as we climbed. The problem with the wild? There are too many other high mountains. So the sun sets pretty fast. In other words, we were losing light. And losing light on a cliff meant you were stuck. No going ahead, no going back. Stay put or plummet to your death. And the problem with this cliff? It was a straight 90° fall. The winds were so strong that they could pluck you off your rock, and watch you flailing your arms wildly in an attempt to fly. And it wouldn’t be a quick death either. Nope. That wasn’t much fun, was it? You would probably smash into the cliff a few times. Your voice would be stolen and harassed by the winds. And just when you were on the verge of either losing your energy or losing your consciousness, you would go ker-splat. So no, the only option was to forge ahead and reach the cave. Shivering with this fear, we began our ascent. Well, to be truthful I wasn’t shivering. The new-guy with us. He was scared right out of his wits. Off his rockers. Completely bonkers. It was amusing to see him like that, though I was cruel to be amused at his expense. Just because I didn’t fear heights didn’t mean anyone else shouldn’t. Besides, it was quite a valid fear. And the height at which we were? Dang, it was a VERY valid fear. Coaxing out words of encouragement, we snailed right to the top. But before the cave came the real challenge. There was a black stump of a tree leaning casually on the cliff. It was balanced on the very edge of an outcropping ledge. The amazing part? It had these stump-like projections. Like steps. Like one of those knotted ropes. Only, this was a tree. And it was naturally like that. Apparently, it had been that was ever since dad trekked this place. And before that. And before that. I wondered how long it could hold up, and how long our luck would hold out. Oh and if any of those stumps fell apart I would fall and fall apart too. Yep. Let’s climb this thing. It’s completely safe. So we climbed it. I could feel the branch rolling below me on it’s single axis. Yep. It was not going to lose it’s balance. I kept climbing till I reached footsteps. Yeah, footsteps right in the middle of a cliff. And if they could carve them up there they couldn’t do it before could they? But oh no. You had to climb a ballet-performing wooden branch. Anyway, the steps were roughly carved into the rock like huge niches. They led to the cave. Did I mention that the cave was actually a temple to the god Bhairavnath? That’s the explanation to the steps. Reaching the cave was such a relief that I trudged forward, kept my bag down and sat down to await the others.



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