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Part 13- The End

Refreshed by our meal, rest and bath, we hoisted our back packs once more. Prasad uncle was tired, so I volunteered to take his 10kg bag. He agreed and told me that I could return the bag anytime I felt it bearing me down. But I silently swore to myself that I would carry the bag pack all the way down. Yeah, down hill was much easier than up hill. Yeah, the bag may have been much lighter. And yeah, I was refreshed. But hey, now was better than never! I had to start somewhere, didn’t I? My father also gave his 15kg bag to the newbie who was accompanying us. He claimed that it was only because he wanted him to have a trekking feeling as well. But secretly, I think my father was tired. (Don’t ask him, he will never agree!) Coming down hardly took time. This time, we made sure we had enough water with us. We didn’t wait for even a bit. The sun was going down, and we would soon lose valuable light. We reached the cable pole that we had begun our journey with. Dusk had already set in, and fog was starting to mingle in the air. Lights from the village Wadap were visible now and the sounds of music, people and vehicles. The noises of humanity…

You’d think we’d picked up speed to reach the vehicle. But we didn’t. Invariably, we slowed down. All of us. None of us wanted to leave this peaceful bubble. Or return back to the craze of humanity. Or end our new year celebration. But our tired unwilling feet landed us in the village. We just sat there, in the light of this tiny shop and bought a packet of local-made fryums. Nostalgia. Extreme nostalgia. I hadn’t eaten this local delicacies since I was a little child and had visited my village. These things? You could get them only in the villages of Maharashtra, and their taste is just divine after the trek. We somehow stopped this rickshaw fellow, piled into the little vehicle (with my sister and me perched on top of all the luggage) and rambled off to Karjat station. We almost missed our train too. Not because we were late. But because we were sitting on the wrong platform! Finally on the train bound home, I settled down with the big bag between my legs, kept my head on it and dozed off. I was shaken awake at Thane station where we took a rickshaw home. I was almost about to pounce on my bed when my baby sister pulled me into the washroom and switched on the shower. Drenched, I decided to have a hot water bath. And then I plonked onto my bed and drifted into a undisturbed dreamless sleep…



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