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What Books Do To Me

I’m not really a nerd. I hate acads and am an average student who is usually more into sports or extra-curriculars. Am I geek? Well, a bit. But I don’t really belong to a cliche either mainly because I love a huge variety of things. Love music, love traveling, love writing, love sports, love reading, love drawing, love dancing. One cliche I sure didn’t belong in is nerds, because acads just hate me. But if you want to call me a geek, I would let you, you know. I love books and can be on my couch or bed the entire day with my book. I have a pretty good reading speed and a strong memory. I’m the kind of person who always has a book she’s reading. That’s apart from the Literature books that maybe a part of my curriculum. So technically, along with the 3 Literature books IB asks you to study, I will have another book I’ll be reading. I have to read before I sleep, even if it’s one page. Though if a book holds my interest I can easily be led into staying awake all night with the book.


If there is, because of some unknown and unfathomable reason, a period in my life that needs me to be away from books for a long period of time, I go crazy. Like unbelievably thirsty for whatever book is out there. And I cannot, just cannot, accept that there are new awesome books coming out that I have not heard of or haven’t started reading. So I will either abandon the period of ‘not reading’ or somehow push myself through it and start reading like a blood-thirsty vampire left in the desert at night or like Tantalus, if that simile suits your imagination better.

And, as exemplified in the aforementioned line, the books that I fall in love with find a way into my dialect. I’ll give you examples for that, and they truly exist in my language:


1) If anyone asks me to pass a message- I’m not an owl! (Harry Potter, J K Rowling)


2) If someone asks me if I’m mad- We’re all mad here (Alice in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll)


3) OR If someone asks me if I’m insane- Insane, no. Dauntless, yes. (Divergent, Veronica Roth)


4) Anything to do with horses- Nah, I prefer Blackjack anytime. (Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Rick Riordan)


5) If there’s anything to do with a drink- Do you have the Mortal Cup? (Mortal Instruments, Cassandra Clare)

And no, I’m not a fan of Twilight series, I despise them. And not because many people do so, but because the protagonist is very weak in my eyes. So before you call me a person who follows stereotypes, think again. And if you still want to call me that, whatever. Coz if you see the other books above? They have strong protagonists, especially the girls. And I admire courage. Harry Potter has Hermoine who underwent extreme torture under the Cruciatus Curse, Alice in Wonderland has Alice with excellent imaginative skills, Divergent has Tris who overthrows Jeanine Matthews alone, Percy Jackson and the Olympians has Annabeth who held the weight of the sky and Mortal Instruments has Clary who walks into a vampire nest to save Simon. There are many more, but these are some of my absolute favorites!

Love fiction!!!




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