A Little Mishap

It began like a normal day, a normal morning, a normal conversation.

We woke up early. Brushed, changed and wore our shoes. Took the stairs and went for a walk, my dad and me. We took long detours and talked about random pieces of news, information, concepts or incidences. After reaching our building, we took the elevator up to our apartment. Grabbed the milk carton on the way in and put the milk for warming. While dad woke up mother, I woke my sister up. Mom woke up and cooked my sister’s tiffin for school. I managed to send my sister for bathing and get her out in time while my father ironed her uniform. After sending my sister to school, we all sat down to read the newspaper. We read out random articles to each other, or engross ourselves in those articles. Suddenly, from the corner of my eye, I saw dad get up from his seat. Within a moment, there were newspapers and cushions flying all over the drawing room. My mother and me, we looked up from our newspapers to look up at my father. The chaos settled down in a few moments only to reveal my father’s harried face. Where are my glasses, demanded my father. We looked at my father and then at each other, and burst out laughing. What is it, dad demanded again. Well, answered my mother, where where have you looked? Everywhere in the vicinity, said my father. And what about the lapel of your shirt? asked my mother.

And this time, we all burst into laughter.


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I’m so sorry…

… But I HAVE been Oh-so-busy. What with being back and need a college and a life, Rehabilitation is taking a toll on my creative skills and completely annihilating my time. I’ve literally got none left. I’m bang in the mid of my admission process in Mumbai. Also, my Rehabilitation process. I deliberately took the weekend off from the rush and decided to dedicate some time to myself and mass media.

So here I am!

Hope I get something posted soon!

Meanwhile, I have finally made my own YouTube channel under Cheshire Logic. I have already uploaded my first introductory video (lame as it may be) and hope to do one more video the coming week!

This is the link to my channel:


You’ll finally get a view of me and how I look 😀

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