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Song that: I love but hardly listen to


All the old paintings on the tombs,
They do the sand dance,
Don’t you know?

If they move too quick
They’re falling down like a domino.

All the bazaar men by the Nile,
He got the money on a bet.

For the crocodiles they snap their teeth
On your cigarette.

Foreign types with their hookah pipes say
Walk like an Egyptian.

This has to be one of the silliest songs I have ever heard. The lyrics make no sense- literally or figuratively. Try reading between the lines. There’s probably nothing but empty space anyway. But the reason why this song was a hit (Apart from the Bangles themselves)? The catchy tune. You hear this song and you will automatically start walking in that Egyptian style you see in the picture above.  The reason I came to know about this song was my mother. She was a huge Bangles fan! She introduced me to this song (Thanks mom)!

And though I don’t listen to this song often, I love listening to it every time I do.


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Song that: I like waking up to


This song has amazing lyrics!

Imagine getting up in the morning and listening to lyrics like- I’m on top of the world!

I do feel on top of the world when I wake up and frankly, the entire day you’re humming that song for the rest of the day. And no matter what you’re going through you’re singing ‘I’m on top of the world!’

How awesome is that?

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Song that: that you love singing along to

miley cyrus party in the usa 18

It’s not the best song in the world, and it’s been criticized a lot. But since I have seen Pitch Perfect (a movie based on a-capella), I have realized how much fun this song can be if we sing it together. We did. In my dormitory in hostel one random girl would start singing- ‘I hopped off the plane at LAX’ and everyone followed. It just poured out of our mouths subconsciously. Suddenly, the entire dorm was singing the song, and dancing to each others’ tunes. And in complete synchrony, and harmony. One, for a change.

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Song that: Reminds me of past summer


Well, well. Past summer. We Own It from Fast and Furious 6.I was in love with this movie and I was in love with the song. An entire day that I was home along I played this song on replay THE ENTIRE DAY!!!!! I danced to it, sang it out loud, screamed, and knew the song by heart by the end of the day. My dog knew it by heart too, probably. Poor thing, he didn’t come to me the entire day. Not that I needed or wanted anything but this song.

This moment? Hell yeah, I owned it!

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Blue and Red make Purple


Red and blue make purple so that must mean that if I put on purple clothing, any person with any insight, any color scheme knowledge and a fetish for observing (read, judging) people will know the mood I’m in.

My best friend, Hannah, made an observation when we were little. What I wear reflects my mood, she said. And this is one of the thing that you always notice, once you notice them. Once you realize it’s there, your attention goes towards them all the time, every time, without fail, subconsciously and untiringly. Every morning after I was brushed, bathed and clothed, I went to the mirror to see myself… I just saw my mood being reflected in the colors I wore. I started rethinking and changing every outfit I chose. Does this reflect my mood? Oh no, this shows I am angry. Or maybe it shows that I am anxious. What does it show? Maybe it shows nothing. No, it definitely does. I should change and wear something brighter like yellow or pink. Maybe if my clothing depicts the mood I’m in, the clothing could change the mood I’m in. So if I’m angry, I should try wearing light blue or lavender. If I’m sad, I should try a yellow or an orange. Will it change anything? What if I WANT to be angry, but I’m wearing something white and it doesn’t let me be angry. Anger, envy… These are supposed to be the bad emotions. But that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t feel them right? Is it even human, not to feel these feelings? I mean, everyone goes through these mood swings.

No, I don’t think I should let these colors govern what I feel. They can’t. They’re just colors. My mood depends on me, not just some silly colors. They might show the mood I’m in, but not the other way round. Thank god, not many know I dress according to my mood, subconsciously or otherwise. Oh, and the things running through my mind. Thank god, there aren’t mind readers as well. I’m sure they would go as crazy as me if they tried reading my mind.

Anyway, purple it is then.

Wait, does purple mean I’m angry and calm both at the same time?

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Song that: reminds me of my best friend



That definitely has to be Sha la la la by the Venga Boys. Yes, I know. The song does not suit any kind of friendship. Nor does the video. And no, the friend is not a boy. She’s a girl. I’ve written about her before. I call her my star sister. You’ll find her in other posts of mine. And this is how it started-

We (a group of our friends and us) were discussing all old songs that we knew. The most famous band turned out to be the Venga Boys and their most known song turned out to be this one. And since, when ever we were bored, walking, wanted to ignore someone or just felt sudden bursts of love towards each other then we just burst out singing: